Touch of communism

If you’re from Romania or if you’ve been there on vacation, you would probably know these communist blocks – huge, ten floors, spreading across multiple entrances.

     but… have you ever been inside ?!

These blocks are full of things people don’t need anymore, carpets left to dry, lots of  flowers to lighten the temper, etc…

madalina gaceanu communism
Credit : Madalina Gaceanu

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Hi there! I’m back in Romania, and I’m back to ‘work’.

Here is my first project VELVET, or like Madalina named it :’The velvet sofa“. It is a fashion photoshooting with my beautiful friend Madalina.

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Over the foggy Turin



The mountain at which the Basilica is found was the site of the Superga air disaster of ‘Grande Torino football team’ in 1949


Photo credit : Madalina Gaceanu